Our Grounds Are Now A Butterfly Sanctuary

October 10, 2011


Members of the Library Advisory Board and the Boynton Beach Garden Club along with Library employees  and volunteers of the Friends of the Boynton Beach City Library attended the reception. The room was decorated in butterflies of many sizes and colors in honor of the occasion.


The entire process started several months ago when individuals endured the hot Florida sun, heat and humidity to tour the Library grounds and look for plants that attract butterflies. Glenda Hall, Forestry & Grounds Manager, who designed and implemented the grounds surrounding the Library, pointed out the multitude of plants that attract butterflies in the various stages of their lives. Participating in the tour was Ann McCormick, District X FFGC Butterfly Chairman; Karen Abramson, Library Administration; and members from the Boynton Beach Garden Club including Roberta Chenoweth, Butterfly Chairman.


Throughout the tour, Ms. McCormick took note of the various plants surrounding the Library that attract butterflies. Ms. McCormick submitted the application to the state headquarters and after review, the landscaping around the Boynton Beach City Library was approved as a Butterfly Sanctuary.


Photo Identification left to right:  Glenda Hall, Forestry & Grounds Manager for the City of Boynton Beach, Craig Clark, Library Director, Karen Abramson, Library Administration, Jane Gavlick, Co-President of the Boynton Beach Garden Club and Roberta Chenoweth, Butterfly Chairman for the garden club.


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