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01/17/18    Code Burgundy: The Long Escape
Presenter: John Katsaros
A 20 year old aerial gunner on his 11th bombing mission bailed out at 27,000 feet with
a splintered right arm. He feared the Gestapo pursuit after his rib cracking landing. Twice captured
by the Gestapo, he escapes with the assistance of the Free French Resistance who hid and nursed
him back to health. After he climbed the Pyrenees to freedom, he was locked up by the Spanish
Constabulary. John Katsaros, under secrecy of oath by the Government, was unable to reveal his
story until recently. details...
01/08/18    Adult Reading Club Kickoff
Register for the Adult Reading Club at the Boynton Beach City Library from Jan. 8th through February
28th and read or listen to ten books. Complete the reading log with the books read and receive
your free gift from the Friends of the Boynton Beach City Library. The Reading Club will end
Thursday, March 29th. details...
09/27/17    Select Reads Online Service for FREE
Select Reads Online Service for FREE

Date: 10/21/2017
Event Location:
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Boynton Beach City Library
208 S Seacrest Blvd.
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Contact Information:

The Boynton Beach City Library added a new online service called: Select Reads. Know what new titles have arrived in the Library. Sign up for New Book Alerts and receive a weekly update on new books, movies, DVDS, music, etc. View weekly updates on your computer or in an email newsletter delivered to your mobile device. Personal New Book Alerts includes book jackets, author information, book descriptions and a link to the Library’s catalog to easily reserve a title. details...
09/27/17    Online Language Courses for FREE
Learn more than 80 online foreign language courses for free with unlimited access, packed with pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing and vocabulary-building lessons. There are 24 English as Second Language courses for those looking to learn English. Use a home or Library computer or the Transparent Language® app for the iPhone® and Android™. Click on the Transparent Language® logo on the Library’s website,, and create an account. All that is needed is a Boynton Beach City Library card in good standing. details...

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